Book of the Month: I’m back!

Books read
Book of the Month gives you an opportunity to get a new book delivered to you at the beginning of each month.

OK, so I did it. I figured it would be only a matter of time, truly, until I rejoined Book of the Month. I mean, how many times can a book-loving woman really ignore the allure of this service’s advertising on my social feeds? Add to that, quarantine, and the feeling like my life is being dictated by some force outside of myself and you have 1. a not very happy camper and 2. a method with which to distract myself with a new book every month. (Disclaimer: I have definitely purchased myself, on average, more than one book a month in quarantine. And you know what, no shame!) 

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Finding a new routine

Like many in the world, I find myself working from home these days. While I did not think myself a work from home type of soul, I’m adjusting to a new timetable and way of doing things. I feel that it will be a healthier path for me, ultimately, but it has required some adjustments. One of the things that has suffered has been my writing routine. While I’ve carved out a few hours each Sunday to write blog posts (or not, if you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know there are weeks when it just doesn’t happen), I have yet to identify the ideal quiet time within my work week or even weekend to write creatively and work on my WIPs. 

It’s sad, I miss my characters and I am at the point where I cannot contain the story lines that are popping up in my head throughout my life. They are like demons that must be exorcized. So I’m using this blog post to consider when in my regular schedule may be a good time to start trying out. 

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