Wrtier’s block — or clot

I have long been a fan of quotes that equate writes’ stories with their blood. Below you’ll find one, incorrectly attributed to Ernest Hemingway. Another version goes “Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.”Read More »


All Beginnings; No Endings

I’m a girl with a LOT of beginnings. I don’t mean that in the philosophical sense, I mean that I think of the beginning sentence for a project often. Here is a sampling:

  • It began and ended with a needle.
  • This is the tragically beautiful story of the kind of love people rarely talk about.
  • Grandmom wasn’t supposed to die this way.
  • She desired the solitude provided by cracking open a good book; for the quiet it would provide.

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How NOT to achieve a goal

To give you a brief overview of #Write90 week 1: As of Aug. 9 I have written eight of nine days (so close, I know). I have worked on four different projects. I have used up the ink out of one pen (an awesome Christmas gift that has replaceable ink cartridges and that I intend to replace after extracting the information out of my soon-to-be brother in law). I, unfortunately, don’t know how many physical minutes I spent writing, because that would have taken some preparation, which leads me to my first step of how NOT to achieve one’s goals.Read More »