I will live by my pen


Baby Shannon
Likely the face of a girl who was just told she couldn’t read all day.

As an infant-like child, I tricked my mother into thinking I could read, having had “Cinderella” read to me so many times that I had memorized it. And thus, my obsession with the written word took form. As a teenager, my mother enlightened me that I couldn’t just write and read books all day, I had to make a living. (Harsh reality takes its toll.) Though I’m doing work I love that the ripe age of 28, writing has been my constant companion. When adulting hits heard, it’s my pen — or as a 21st-century woman, my laptop — that helps me work through the details of this crazy beautiful thing we call life. In this blog, I’ll endeavor to share with you my creative writing, tidbits I might come across as a journalist and, of course, writing that inspires me in others.


Sit back and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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