It’s my birthday!

Patterned Buntings Birthday Social Media PostYup, you read that right: Today marks my 29th year. (Cue all of the almost-30 jokes.)

I’m happy to be sharing this milestone on my blog, because it’s representative of me chasing my dreams. I have been talking about and planning for a blog for years now. I had plenty of excuses, some of which I’m sure you are familiar with: “I don’t have enough time.” “I don’t know where to start.” “I don’t have anything anyone else would want to read.” and, the worst one, in my humble opinion, “I’ll do it on insert arbitrary date here” or “I’ll do it after insert whatever random milestone here.

All those excuses might be valid. After planning your wedding may be a great time to start the blog. A New Year’s resolution may be a great motivating factor for some. But here’s the thing I realized a few months ago: There’s no perfect time to change your life. You just do it.  

Just do it

Beginning a blog to showcase my writing, talk about creative writing topics with an audience and to discuss books has been something I wanted to do for as long as I can currently remember. It was something I had planned in the wee hours of the night when I couldn’t sleep and, subsequently, put off for a “better time.” I was probably scared that I’d fail to follow through or that no one would read it — and both of those are still very motivating fears — and if I just DON’T START, I can’t fail, right? Wrong. In my book, not starting is a bigger failure.

So, to anyone who is reading this and whose head was nodding as she read those excuses, I say this: You make time for what is important to you; There’s definitely someone out there who is interested in what you have to say; And, there are many articles out there on how to get started, just Google it. (Here are a few inspirational, and practically helpful posts to get you started by Jessica Lawlor, Yes and Yes and Becoming Minimalist. When in doubt, start with a challenge.)

Happy Birthday!

With an extremely grateful heart, I’m celebrating this year with a day of self-care. (I hate that term, but it’s better than “spoiling myself rotten.”) The plan, as I write this prior to publication, is to: Get my butt kicked at Dana Hot Yoga; take myself to the salon for a haircut and color (yes, 29 is still too young to let my grays have their way); head over to the spa for a massage; and then allow my parents to treat me to a sushi and/or hibachi dinner. If I finish this up with some time to read and/or write this will be my current version of a perfect day — on a Tuesday!


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