#Write30 April evaluation

Let’s start with the numbers.

Days in April: 30
Number of days I wrote: 12
Number of words I wrote: 8,551
WIPs worked on: 2

Success or failure?

The challenge was to write consistently, every day for 30 days. Given that end goal, this is a failure. I wrote on less than half the days for a paltry less than 10,000 words. However, I’m pretty happy with this progress. Let me tell you why.

  1. I am constantly thinking about writing and my characters. There are other times when I want to write and can’t (read: at work when my time is on someone else’s dime) and I’m at least thinking about the fact that I am bailing on my goal on those days when I just can’t get out of bed an hour early to commit to my characters. (So, you see I have a good guilt trip going too. Very motivating for this Catholically brought up girl.)
  2. I tracked it! I built a spreadsheet and logged when I wrote and the numbers that I wrote coming up with the numbers that opened this blog post. With those in mind, I have a concrete base to grow from for…. next month!

#Write30 May edition

I’m going to continue this challenge in the month of May. It’s a great way to hold myself accountable. Here are a few action points I have outlined for myself in order to do better.

  1. Forgiveness Mondays. I consistently bailed on getting out of bed early on Mondays, so I’m making it an option. This will mean that I’ll need to find another time on Monday to write. Options for those could be: On my lunch, the time I have in between work and yoga and after yoga. I’ll try these out and see which one, or combination, will work.
  2. Weekends. Me and weekends have a 0 track record when it comes to writing. The fact that I don’t get out of bed and do write automatically could also be contributing to my inabilities to get up on Mondays. So, my plan is to do exactly what I do on the weekdays, roll out of bed, throw my sweatshirt on, make a cup of tea and sit at my writing desk, on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, usually my only day to sleep in, will be whenever the sun or my body wakes me up. For Sunday, when I do yoga at 9 a.m., this will have to be at 8 or earlier.
  3. Engage my competitive edge. I wrote for 12 days last month, beating 12 days is my goal and I don’t like to lose.

Overall, I’m going to call #Wrtie30 April a success, with room for improvement. And, I’m sincerely hoping that my pal, Tiffany, will be joining me for month two!

Photo pixabay; illustration canva


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