WIP: Sons

Work in progressWork in Progress, or WIP, posts are excerpts from open writing projects.  All writing is my own and in the rough draft phase. Take it (but don’t actually take it, copyright me and all that) for what it is! 


How extremely fitting, Sarah thought, as she began to awaken from her fitful sleep on the day of her son’s court sentencing. The thunder booming even over the rumbling of the window air conditioning unit, the lightning lighting up the bedroom, despite closed shades, indicating it’s not a passing storm, but one that has settled in and eliminated the sunlight.Read More »

Characters you get lost in

You know those characters who really get under your skin and into your brain? They are the ones who stay with you far beyond the last chapter of the book you are working on, the ones who you find yourself thinking about in the middle of the day as if they are real, flesh and blood people going about their lives at that very second, and the ones whose writers you stalk to see if he or she will give you just a little bit more information. I know this doesn’t just happen to me.

I have found two factors that have a strong influence on whether a character stays with me. 1. Common traits that I share with the character. 2. Duration of time and level of immersion I have in her world. Let me break these things down for you in a few examples. Read More »

Creating habits and #Write30 June analysis

June By the NumbersI’m just going to say it right off the bat, creating habits is hard! There are so many forces engrained habits working against you, that it’s a process. OK, now that I’ve begun this by making excuses for myself, here’s the good news: I doubled my May writing days in June. OK, now that we’ve got the silver lining, here’s the cloud, it’s only five days out of the 30 available to me in June. As I said, it’s a process.

OK, so here’s the recap, about a year ago my friend Tiffany and I challenged ourselves to write for 90 days straight and termed it #Write90. It did not turn out so well, but it did make me very aware that in order to reach my goal of being a published author, I need to write as much as possible. To do so: I need to create the habit. So, I rebooted this into an all-around effort to write more, which I refer to as #Write30 (yes, I’m aware some months have 31 days, but you get the drift) and hold myself accountable by recapping the days in which I wrote and number of words each month in a recap post for you. Read More »