Book Reviews: July-ish reads

Work in progress (1)I have had a hard time of late finding a book that I can really sink my teeth into. For that reason I have about 5 books started, but did not complete many in July/August timeframe that I’m working with here! I’m ashamed to say that since the last video book reviews post I have only completed two books for review.

Rest assured, that I’ll step my game up for next month! In the meantime, please enjoy my thoughts on:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Educated: A Memoir


2 thoughts on “Book Reviews: July-ish reads

  1. Do you prefer hardcover books, or can you easily go back and forth with, say, a Kindle? I know my wife likes to find other books to read by browsing the online library catalog.

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    • I move from one format to another, especially if it’s a difference of an instant download and waiting! But, my ideal format is a paperback book. I like that I can highlight and make notes in the margins and keep it on a bookshelf, but also that it’s flexible. I also like to see the wear and tear on the spine of a well-loved book. #booknerd


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