RBG and Hetty Green: inspirational, rebel women

Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg,_SCOTUS_photo_portraitFair warning, I’m about to nerd out pretty hard.

A little while ago I shared with you guys that I was dying to see the new documentary RBG.  I was able to see it at the Ambler Movie Theatre, but, as it’s produced by CNN, I believe it’s now airing on the channel and available to streaming through your cable provider. I highly recommend it! After seeing the movie, I gotta say that I’m hooked on this woman’s amazing story! 

Going off the screen

As of this writing, I’m currently reading Sisters in Law, which is outlining not only Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s history but also her predecessor on the bench, the first female supreme court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor. These women are inspirational to have followed the path to the apex of their chosen profession whether it was through the streets of Brooklyn or a ranch in Arizona. I’m connecting with each one of their stories. That it never even occurred to Sandra that she may not get a job out of law school, despite the fact that so many law offices were “not hiring women.” That Ruth told her son’s school, who repeatedly called her for sickness and behavioral issues that he, in fact, has another parent. These are badass women who found ways to accomplish each of their goals through hard work and meticulous efforts. And, as women, they often had to think outside of the box in order to achieve those goals, because often a man was standing in their way.

I’ll be reading more on these ladies as my thirst for knowledge continues.

Rebel Women

I read a recent piece in the New York Times telling me that the Museum of the City of New York has an exhibit on Rebel Women, including another awesome and inspirational lady, Hetty Green. My first interaction with Hetty was in reading The Richest Woman in America: The Life and Times of Hetty Green.  I picked it up by happenstance at a used book sale and again, was inspired by this woman who knew how to bend the rules just enough to be extraordinary and make history. Did you know it was Hetty Green who the tycoons of Wall Street came to for bailouts? (No, this was not a term that began in 2008.) This entrepreneurial woman graciously agreed, and, of course, made some interest on the loan. Her frugality and quick wit remind me a little bit of my grandmother. As with Ruth, there are multiple tomes out there about her and I look forward to continuing to read about her. And, of course, take a trip to New York to catch that exhibit!

Lighting the fire

I can guarantee you that the documentary will have two rather immediate effects. First, you’ll think twice about complaining about your workout if this octogenarian can easily do hers. Second, you’ll reconsider that extra hour of sleep. Apparently, RBG doesn’t need it. I’m both concerned and motivated.

What or who is inspiring you lately?


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