Scary, spooky, suspenseful reads for Halloween

Work in progress (1)I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t discuss, at this time of year specifically, those scary, spooky, suspenseful reads I like to revisit around this time of year. I know movies get a lot of the praise — and believe me I do enjoy a good scary movie for Halloween — but, don’t forget about the books! To me, there’s nothing scarier than those demons that are in your head. (Double meaning intended!) Without further ado, my favorites:

The Telltale Heart

Edgar Allen Poe’s Telltale Heart is one of my favorites of his, and to me is the quintessential Halloween creepy story. I love that it’s not a long read, so I can simply pause whatever else I may be reading at the time to switch gears. I love all the senses that he appeals to in the story. Who hasn’t heard their heart beating in their ears, perhaps after a good workout, and can then replicate this for those lub-dub sounds in this story? For me, there’s also some nostalgia rolled up in this one as it was my first Poe, which I read in grade school!


“Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble…” I could go on. My sister and I memorized it in grade school. And believe you me, it’s an excellent use of my brain power. For me, this scene of witches in a wood circling a cauldron is everything I think about for Halloween, so why not revisit the scene of the crime and take in some of the Bard’s work? If you’re short on time, skip through to the witchy parts. We all know how it ends anyway…

The Kind Worth Killing

This Peter Swanson book was one I read as part of our first Book Circle. I chose this one because it is both suspenseful and haunting. I wouldn’t traditionally put up a thriller, but I was creeped out being in Lily’s head, so it makes the list! It’s a pretty quick read and, I might add, would be well read with a hot beverage next to a fire!

Not a comprehensive list

There are obviously lots of other books that should be on this list — Practical Magic, Discovery of Witches trilogy, anything Gillian Flynn and Stephen King, and of course, the obvious Frankenstein — but I tried to provide a little bit of this and that and think outside the box. (I also realized as I was putting this together that I’m very into witchy stories, but I didn’t want to provide more than one in the list!)

Now it’s your turn, tell me what’s on your scary, spooky, suspenseful story list!

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