Book reviews: A few broken girls, some vitamins, some dreamers and many friends

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How are you doing with your reading goals for 2019?

Welcome to book reviews, the remix! It seems like you guys didn’t mind my on-air appearance running down all the books in one video, so we’ll go with that! I have been negligent in posting a book reviews post in March, hence why it looks like I read many more books than I in fact did in the month!

Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of each of this books as well as how you’re doing on your book goals for 2019! I am at 11 of 48 books, so, off pace, but gaining steam!

We’ll discuss a theme among some of the books listed here!

The Broken Girls

The Broken Girls by Simone St. James
A little scary, a lot mysterious!

This was a Book of the Month Club book by Simone St. James that my sister had gotten; she promptly let me know that I should read it. I gotta tell you that I questioned her recommendations at a certain point in the book as I read from daylight to twilight and then promptly walked throughout my apartment to turn on all the lights, but she was right, I had to read it. This psychological thriller and mystery novel was intriguing in the way that you want to keep picking at a knot until you have undone it. I read it quickly both because the storyline and the prose allowed for it. It was one of a few of my recent reads that traveled in time and between perspectives to tell the story, so be on your toes!

The Great Believers

This Rebecca Makkai novel is sizable, however, I guarantee that you will get to the final pages and be left begging for more. The book follows story lines both in Chicago in the 80s and Paris in present day-ish, so it is another one of my recent reads that transitions in time and perspective. Among the many things that this novel will teach you, it’s the ripple effect that people’s actions, reactions and just being has on others. It was a book that I’m trading among a small group of friends or I would have hoarded this books on my shelves just to know that it’s close. I honestly can’t recommend it enough, which is probably why it was also among the New York Times top 10 for 2018. Do yourself a favor and click the link to add it to your book pile.

The Dreamers

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker as discussed at book club!
The Dreamers, with a side of sandwich, because we discuss books over lunch at work!

This novel by Karen Thompson Walker was selected by my work book club buddies to be our March selection. It was met with a variety of opinions, including disparate opinions on whether this is a book we would recommend. I am firmly in the “recommend” camp. The reason others gave for not recommending it is because of a feeling that the book is unfinished. However, if you’ve heard me talking about books by authors, like Gillian Flynn, who leave loose ends to be tied up, you’ll know that I love this aspect of some books. It’s raw and real life and I can imagine these characters lives going on after the pages. I like how Walker gives us enough detail to create a rich and vivid setting and plot line but lacks enough for your own thought process to fill in the gaps.

Goodbye Vitamin

Rachel Khong’s book resonated with me on quite a few levels, one of which I dedicated a specific post to here. In addition to also having a loved one who suffered from Alzheimer’s, I also read this book at a time that will only be alluded to in this very millennial way #boyproblems. So, I appreciated her healing journey in her love life as well. I’ve also decided that I will totally be adopting the father’s practice of jotting down thoughts and experience while his daughter was growing up. I think this is a great gift to be able to give to your child and also something to share!

Text Me When You Get Home

Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Scahefer
I saw generations of women I know in the relationships described in this book!

Kayleen Schaefer’s book was one I was very much looking forward to in Book Circle 2018, so of course it was the last one that I received! As a journalist, I appreciated her research and the context that interviews with various women added to this book. I’m not going to lie, I found myself doing that saucy “mhmmm” at multiple points while reading this book, from the mean girl references to being a guy’s girl, I’ve been through all the phases and am super happy to flaunt my girl gang today! Bottom line, we all need our friends and your girl friends will know you and be there for you in ways that a guy never will (and I’m sure vice versa, though I can’t speak to that specifically)!

Coming next time: Lilian Boxfish Takes a Walk and many more, I’m sure!

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