Confronting my fears: Getting out in front of the camera

I’m sure my fellow writers can sympathize with this feeling, that my place is behind the written word, not in front of it. Which is why it was hard for me to 1. pull the trigger on video book reviews and why it is hard for me to 2. keep it consistent.

While I would much rather be the writer and reader in these situations, I recognize the value in sharing my thoughts on each of the books via video. For example, although I portray myself accurately and succinctly on these blog posts, there is some nuance, excitement and, perhaps even, a joke or two that I can relate better via video as opposed to writing it out. That’s why I chose this time in particular to get out in front of the camera and share discuss my recent book reads with you all!

Overcoming over-analysis

It was not an easy process though, and still isn’t. For example, I am overly critical of my diction, pacing, eye contact and a million other little things when presenting a video. I know that very few of you will pick up on these things, but it’s hard to get over those items when you are uploading your own image for a group of people to look at!

Getting comfortable

To overcome the jitters and analysis paralysis, I take a few steps. First things first, I create the videos on makeup days! Yes, there are certainly days when I do not wear makeup, and on those days I don’t film! (For tips on how to do your makeup for such an occasion, see Julia’s guest post.) Second, I write the blog post that accompanies the video. This allows me to get my initial thoughts out on paper and see things like themes that I can discuss in the video with you. (You might have noticed this system in Tuesday’s book reviews. I like it and I’m sticking to it.) Third, I try to remove my vanity from the editing process. I try not to obsess over little things and simply fix it up to post. It’s not easy, and sometimes I need to walk away from it for a minute, but it absolutely can be done.

While I’m still more comfortable OFF camera, I think that this process has helped me grow! And if it has made even a few of you want to read the books I’ve talked about, then it’s highly worth it.

Preparing for videos: How to

What about you?

Let me know how you feel in the comments! Do you enjoy seeing yourself on film? What about hearing your voice on audio? How do you overcome these things?


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