Finding the time to read

I get this question a lot as I’m talking about how long it might have taken me to read a book, which, in my opinion, is the true mark of a good book, or when I’m discussing the books that I’ve read. One of my co-workers said to me something similar to: “I don’t know where you find the time! You’re in to so many things.” Well, yes, I am into so many things, but there is so much time available to you if you’d like to read. Here, I’ll prove it to you.

Time accounting
Realize there is time and we make it for what’s important to us.

Good morning!

As you all know, I’m a reformed night owl, attempting to force myself to adjust my days so that they start earlier and I can accomplish things before work, such as writing and reading. Each morning, the first thing that I do, after grabbing whatever beverage is going to actually get me going, is to sit down with some personal or professional development reading. This allows my caffeination time to kick in and I feel a little bit better about not being asleep because I’m doing something I love.


Although I, from time to time, become distracted by my lovely friends or a lunchtime conference call, I prefer to be spending my designated lunch time reading! I do a good deal of reading for a living, but I find that being able to dive into whatever book that I am in the midst of provides me the mental break that is needed in the middle of each day. (Just don’t forget to, you know, eat, too!)

Find a book that makes you feel that way too and you’ll fly through it as well.

In-between times

Remember when Rory Gilmore took a book to prom with her? I wouldn’t go that far, but carrying a book around with you allows for you to take advantage of those in-between times. If you find yourself having to wait before a doctors appointment; if your friend is late to your dinner plans; if traffic allows you to get to your workout a few minutes before class starts, all of these in-between times allow you a few minutes to take in a few pages.


My evenings vary widely. For some, I’m working out and doing chores. For some, I’m working on this blog and other side hustles. For others, I’m hanging out with friends and being social. All that is said because at least one day of the week I come home and have no commitments on my time. You can probably guess how I often choose to spend a portion, if not all, of those evenings — READING!

Moral of the story is that you make time for those things that are important to you. If reading more is important to you, perhaps consider turning off the TV in those down minutes and instead, pick up your book. (Pro tip: If I’m in love with my book, this is a real easy decision.) But also, you have to enjoy it. I, personally, find it fulfilling and stress relieving to curl up and read my book. Find a book that makes you feel that way too and you’ll fly through it as well. Happy reading!


6 thoughts on “Finding the time to read

    • Audible is great, especially if you have a long commute or something! Did you know you can also listen to audiobooks through the library? If you have any active library card, you can link it to an app called Libby and rent audiobooks! I downloaded one for a long drive I have this weekend. 🙂


  1. Thank you for sharing! This is something I definitely need to do more of. I love reading but struggle to find time to do it. Love these suggestions! Definitely shows me that it’s possible to make time for it if I really put my name to it.

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