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Hi friends! It’s been a while and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, it’s time to set a book goal for 2020! In order to set my book goal for 2020, I want to look back on my goal for 2019 and see how I did and where I can improve. Join me?

2019 book goal: 48

I did not meet my 2019 book goal, unfortunately. I read 40 books in 2019, leaving me 8 books short of meeting the goal. Looking at my timeline on Goodreads, I see that in the months of February, September and November, I did not complete any books. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not the best at updating my Goodreads in a timely manner, so there is some room for error. However, seeing multiple months in which this happened, tells me that I was not as consistent with my reading as I’d like to be.

If I think back to my year, I think that inconsistent perception is accurate. Instead of really having a habit of when I have significant reading time, I made time to binge those books that I really enjoyed. One of the ways I am trying to rectify that in 2020 is to turn off (or really not even turn on) the television at the end of my week days, instead, turning to music and reading. I know that I enjoy my time much more when this is the case. I also know that I value my time much more when I’m reading. In my mind, several hours, even a day, at times, spent reading does not seem to me to be “a waste,” but, I sometimes do feel this way about watching TV. So, I’ll be reading more and I’ll be happier — it’s a win-win!

Hand-in-hand with this goal will be to be more diligent about logging on Goodreads. It’s nearly impossible to go back after I’ve finished multiple books, to log. I’m almost certainly I’ve missed a read or two, with no one to blame but myself. So this will, ideally, help me to capture the books I’ve read.

Have you looked at your Goodreds year in review? It’s filled with a wealth of information. Here’s a peak at some of the information on mine:

2019 Goodreads year in review
While popularity of a book doesn’t mean much to me, I thought the variety of lengths of books I read to be interesting to consider!

I’ll also want to be more on-the-ball about the NY Times top 10 books! The list, for my 2020 reading year, can be found here. Side note: I love the graphical way they present these from year to year. Additionally, last year’s books can be found at this blog post. Looking at the list, I only completed four books. I’m currently reading Small Fry and How to Change Your Mind — and Washington Black is on my book shelf. But, the point was to read them in a 12-ish month period, which I did not do.

2020 book goal: 48

Given that I did not complete my 2019 book goal, I’m going to stick with the goal from last year. I had considered bumping it lower, but, I honestly believe that there is room for me to consume so many more books. I just need to substitute new habits for old ones. Also, there are too many good books out there, in general, to lower my goals! I also like the clean look of four books per month.

So, what is your book goal for 2020?

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Last year’s top 10 books. Next week’s blog post will cover all the books in this year’s list!

2 thoughts on “2020 book goal

    • Thank you! That IS the silver lining — goal or no goal — I got to read 40 pretty great books this year. 😊
      A day long book binge is one of the most satisfying thing, in my opinion.


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