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Corona-cation reading opportunity

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What books are you reading during social distancing?

I have to give a shout out to my cousin, Bridget, who used the term corona-cation in an Instagram post. I’m stealing it, because, it’s a great, positive way to look at what is currently surrounding us in the days of social distancing, quarantines, plans being canceled and a whole lot of anxiety.

There’s another silver lining to this corona-cation, as some reach for the binge watching of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and other outlets, we readers line up a book stack and start gobbling up stories like Oreos. After finishing Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reed, my book ambitions for this time are vast and exciting. Here’s what I have lined up: 

Recurssion Blake Crouch 

I cracked this one open yesterday after finishing Kiley Reed’s book. It’s a book circle book, and thus, others are counting on me to read it next. With that time element in mind, it’s the first on my list. Brittany, you remember her from New York Times top 10 challenge and from book circle, highly recommends this author. I’m intrigued because it’s more of a thriller than what I’ve been reading lately and it has a memory and neuroscience component. (Those of you who follow me on Instagram or who have read previous posts about my Alzheimer’s advocacy, know I’m deeply interested in information like this.)

I’m hoping to finish this before the end of the weekend, but we’ll see! Cleaning and what not may get into the way. (Anyone else have a cleaning to-do list for corona-cation?)

Braving the Wilderness Brene Brown

Braving the Wilderness Brene Brown
Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown is a great personal development read. Note all my tabs!

This book is my current personal development read. This means that I crack it open in the morning as I’m downing my pre-workout and taking some me time in my morning routine. This is very much a continuation of her TED talk. The introduction has a similar story to that talk. And she is set to take a deep dive into what belonging is about: belonging to yourself, first and foremost, and the deep interconnectedness of humanity. It’s a short read and if I keep my morning routine up during this WFH, social distancing period, I’ll finish it shortly. 

Rat Bastards: A Memior John “Red” Shea

March book stack. Recursion Blake Crouch. Braving the Wilderness Brene Brown. In a Dark, Dark Wood Ruth Ware. Rat Bastards John Red Shea

This is a gift I received for Christmas and is something that I’ve been wanting to crack into for a while. The book seems like it will complement the Whitey Bulger movie starring Johnny Depp, which I greatly enjoyed. I still have yet to watch The Irishman on Netflix. I’m thinking reading this book will likely roll right into watching that. I have a tendency to do a deep dive into the information I’m reading about. 

In a Dark, Dark Wood Ruth Ware

in a dark, dark wood ruth ware
In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware was slid into my bag by Brittany when I was in Colorado for her wedding!

Another Brittany suggestion and a Reese’s Book Club book, this thriller will provide an excellent change of pace to the other books that I have outlined here. All of the praise on the inside and outside book covers as well as the first few pages scream that this is book is dangerous — aka you will dive into it and not come back out until it’s over. I can’t wait. 

Share your book line up for your corona-cation in the comments. 

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