Sunshine and feeling fine: Outdoor reading

Books read

The sun is shining more — thank you baby Jesus — and whether you want to get into it and soak up some Vitamin D or are just looking to be outside in an environment that’s telling us to limit interaction with other humans, outdoor reading is a great way to accomplish it all. 

I personally, burn through books like it’s no tomorrow in the summer time (for those of us in four-season areas), because my main goal in life is to spend time by the pool. Doing so with a good book is my dream. But catching some sun by the pool is a summer time plan and we’re in the spring. So here are some options:

On a walk

I have a wonderfully amazing trail near my house that I love to traverse when the sun is shining on a Saturday. And this space has been on my mind a lot lately. In spending time on the trail, I want to be there to accomplish my 10,000 steps for the day, so I’m walking for about an hour. I’ll pop onto Libby or Overdrive, apps where I can borrow audiobooks from my library, download or pick up on an audio book and plug in for my traverse of the Pennypack trail. 

On the porch

I live in an apartment but there is a porch-like structure on both sides of the apartment building. When I can’t stand not being outside but just want to curl up with my book, I’ll take a pillow and a blanket out with me and spend some time in those areas reading. 

At the park 

Open spaces with park benches and tables are a great space to drive to or walk to and take your book. It gets you out of the house, into the sunshine and you still have the ability to pop into the awesome world you’re exploring between the covers of your book. I don’t do this often, but it’s a good option and these small spaces are everywhere! We have a space like this outside my office and, we all know how I like to read at lunch, so it’s a good option. 

Alright, so where are you reading and soaking up the sunshine? 


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