What’s next? Books to read

So, what’s up next on my to-be-read list. Excellent question! Let’s review, shall we!

You’ll recall in my planning post from March and then my wrap up post about what I actually read. There were two books I was not successful in finishing: Rat Bastards: A Memoir John “Red” Shea and In a Dark, Dark Wood Ruth Ware. Only Ruth Ware’s book will make it into the April rotation, barring an audible, which you know that I’m prone to. Anyways, go back and check the March post for insights into Ruth Ware’s piece as I’ll not be re-doing that here. Otherwise, here are the other three books I plan to complete in April. 

Dare to Lead Brene Brown

She’s backkkkkkk. Coincidentally enough, my hold on the audiobook for Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead came up just about the time I completed Braving the Wilderness. So, I’ve been listening to it during my walks and it’s exquisite, really. Definitely what you need to hear during a long walk to cut the frustration after your mother hangs up on you. I have a few hours left and I’m hoping to crush it this week. 

The View from Somewhere by Lewis Raven Wallace

This is the book being discussed in this month’s News Book Club hosted by the Lenfest Institute. I failed to read She Said in a timely manner and thus, only listening during the last book club. I’m hoping to finish it in time for the meeting on April 24 so that I can participate in this one. 

A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler

Another book club! I know, I know, but it’s a real great way to meet up with people. Anyways, I’ve enlisted myself into another book club with a group of girls I’ve just recently had the opportunity to meet and hang out with. I did not read much about this book prior to purchasing it and loading it up on my Kindle so I had no excuse not to finish it in time for the discussion, but the cover looks pretty and the synopsis on Amazon and Goodreads are promising, so here we go! 

Both of these book clubs have a virtual component. The News Book Club was fully virtual from its inception, something that made it very easy to pick up during corona-cation. The girls book club I recently joined moved over the virtual format to accommodate social distancing and CDC guidelines. At the book club that I host at work, we also had a virtual component allowing those who work remotely to join. It was fairly seamless to move it over so that all of us were virtual participants, and we had the same number of people participate as in a “normal” occasion. We’ll talk more about tips and tricks for making your virtual book club work in a future post. 

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