Itching to create

With any luck, and more than a little discipline, you’ll see more of these writing posts in the future!

Lately, I’ve gotten the itch — the itch to create something completely new from scratch that is. And, specifically, to do so via writing. Emotional issues, from personal drama to the pandemic, have kept me from getting this feeling in what feels like the last year. So, when I was taking a walk one beautiful morning and I felt like I needed to stop right there and put pen to paper I nearly did one of those jumping foot taps, which, by the way, I’ve never actually been able to pull off in real life. It was amazing and glorious and hasn’t left me since.

I know that I’ve written multiple posts about finding a good rhythm so that writing is part of a routine and I firmly believe that to be true. If we only waited for these moments of inspiration to fire off to write so few books would actually be published a year as opposed to the wealth of options that we have to choose from today. So, just like you can’t only run when you get the itch to run and expect to make it very far at all, you need to have that routine where you’re exercising those writing muscles. BUT, I’ve found, you also need to know enough about you and your brain to be able to pause whatever else you deem to be important the moment that inspiration strikes and just write!

There have been quite a few occasions where I can recall getting that itch and then thinking “well, I’m exercising right now” or “just let me get through this to do list and then I’ll sit down and write.” I really want to yell at myself in those instances and say “ARE you crazy?! This is important. Go, write, now.”

If writing is your creative outlet, if it is your therapy, your sanity, your way of working through emotions and of relating to the world at large, if it is important to you, it shouldn’t just be an item on your to-do list. It should be the top item on your to-do list, one that embrace at the whim of your creative energy and consistently exercise so that when inspiration does strike, you’re able to fully communicate that beautiful creation that is flowing out of you and on to paper. And o my gosh, isn’t that a beautiful thing!

Has the inspiration to write been flowing out of you lately? What are you working on? Let me know in the comments!


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