So, prime day happened…

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Prime Day happened and I got a new Kindle!

Let me just start out this post by saying, I needed to replace my Kindle. Here’s why: I have a Kindle Fire from 2013. It has been through a lot with me, many books, many vacations, many movies and almost daily use. Its functionality is now less than I would like, specifically, some applications cannot or will not be updated on my hardware and the battery is less than. Now, I know I have what one might classify as marathon reading sessions where I’ll lose myself in a book for hours. In a recent such session, I outlasted my Kindle. What I mean by that is that the battery died before I wanted to stop reading. That, unfortunately was the last straw. I would need a new Kindle. Enter, Prime Day and some awesome advice crowdsourced from friends.

OK, so this not-so-succinct paragraph above was my thought process, with some oscillating back and forth in between the times when I knew I would buy a new Kindle and when I’d know I was not going to buy a new Kindle. When I plugged in my Kindle Fire after my aborted reading session, I decided to take to social media to ask for advice. I was weighing my options between a tablet computer or a Kindle and then, if it was to be a Kindle, which one!

I received quite a few sound and well-reasoned arguments in my comments that I wanted to share.

One friend, Rachel, reminded me of a functionality of the Kindle Paperwhite that would solve a persistent issue I have in the summer time: trouble seeing the screen. Paperwhite possesses a backlight that makes it easier to read in the sunshine!

Another friend, Taylor D., “I vote keeping a Kindle – a tablet will result in your device becoming more than just reading. Next thing you know, the time you wanted to spend reading has turned into doing other things. Reading time needs to be reading time!” She was, of course, spot on! That happens to me now on my Kindle. I think I want to read, but then Netflix app is right there too.

Next, my friends got into the nitty gritty with a Kindle decision. From Lauren: “Paperwhite is the best!” From Dianna: “I just upgraded my Paperwhite this past year. I love the Paperwhite for reading outside and at night.” Kristin also chimed in to cheerlead, saying simply, “Team Kindle” with a book emoji!

I vote keeping a Kindle – a tablet will result in your device becoming more than just reading

– Taylor D.

Becky’s comment really put the nail in the tablet vs. Kindle coffin: “I upgraded to a Paperwhite last year and I much prefer reading on it than a tablet.”

Given that Paperwhite was also a crowd pleaser among my friends, I took to Amazon to read up on the functionality and ensure it did everything that I needed it to do. In the back-and-forth with my friends, my amazing friend, Lauren came in with the hot tip: “Wait to see what deals they offer for 10/13!”

I don’t think I’m burying the lead here when I say, obviously I procured myself a Kindle Paperwhite on Prime Day! The deal was amazing, I believe my total was about $85 for an 8 GB Kindle Paperwhite with ads. It arrived a few days later and…I can’t tell you how awesome it is just yet.

I’ve decided that it will be my Christmas present to myself so it is tucked away until that time of year. So, I’ll be sure to gush about all the awesome details after the holiday. In the meantime, you can enjoy the delayed gratification along with me. We can do it!

Let me know about your Prime Day scores, literary or otherwise, or if you’ve recently purchased a Kindle like me, let me know how you like it!

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