Bookish gift guide — last minute ideas

Holidays = great time to curl up with a book

I did this one year and I think it’s a great time to revisit because 1. I have time and 2. Give the people what they want (and by people I mean me). As I’m going through and considering some of the presents I would love to receive this holiday season, I’m placing them here as well. Here they are! 


Do what I did and grab yourself (or your loved one) a new Kindle! I, for one, grabbed it on Amazon’s rescheduled Prime Day, but you can look to Amazon for some great last-minute pricing. 

Book light

I used to think that I didn’t need a book light because I don’t have a partner who was trying to sleep while I read the night away, but what I have discovered is that a good book light can go farther than that. Case in point: reading while you’re in the bath (candlelight not so great for the eyes) and reading before you go to bed when either you don’t want the light on or the light is inaccessible/you’d have to get up to turn it off. Another one I just thought of, when you’re traveling! Whether you choose to do this by plane, train or automobile (with the exception of drivers/conductors), you can pop your book light on your book and read your merry way to your destination. Here is the one I grabbed for myself. 

Page assist

You don’t realize it’s an inconvenience until you have a solution, but these thumb page holders and a previous Christmas gift that I gave to my sister a book anchor are good solutions for when your hands may be busy with something else, but your eyes also are busy consuming your current read. (P.S. the book anchor has excellent presentation as well!)

Library cards

Not what you think when you read this heading, but I’m talking about this cute little kit! Very few bookish people I know hoard their books. Instead, they want to share them with the world. So, they lend them out to friends and family. Some books, you want to be passed on to another person who will love reading it, but sometimes it’s a book you want back so you can loan it out again or simply have it at your disposal. I, for one, rarely remember who has my books, so this would be an excellent tool for me and my friends and family who borrow from my library. 

Happy gifting!

I’ll end with one that’s a gimme: What’s one thing that a bookish person never has enough of (with the exception of actual books)? Bookmarks! I personally love the magnetic ones that clip because they won’t fall out of my book as it bounces around in my purse or beach bag. But, with all that being said, I’m out of suggestions and wanting to buy everything I’ve suggested here. Instead, I’ve placed it on my to buy list in Amazon and hoping some of my family/friends are good enough to find it and make my dreams come true! (Hint, hint, if you’re reading this.) 

Anything you would add to this list? 

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