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During COVID-19, one of the best ways to escape is in a book.

I know I’ve talked about using reading as a form of escaping the world you’re currently in to head to another one, but given what’s been going on here in America, it seems worth revisiting. I’d love to hear, in the comments or on social media, where you escape to! Here are some of mine. 

Witchy New England towns

History is a passion of mine. I love consuming books that will fill in the gaps of what I know and I seek that out in my reading as well. One of my most-read genres is historical fiction. And, especially given the fall time that we’re in, I’m drawn to the earthy nature of New England fall and witchy activities, so the Practical Magic series of books, Alice Hoffman keeps writing prequels, like the The Rules of Magic and Magic Lessons, are a great place for me to hide as well as A Discovery of Witches trilogy plus one. Right before Halloween I rewatched season 1 of the tv adaptation of book 1, both for the theme of the October month and to prepare for the upcoming release of season 2 in January (can’t get here soon enough). 

Getting to revisit the land of Practical Magic was a lovely experience.

Chick lit

I will fall into the Stage Dive series any time, specifically the Lead book. I know it’s a romance novel and that’s not everyone’s bag, but sometimes, I find, I need such a book in my life! I’ve talked about my fondness for this character, Lena, is one that I can lose myself in, how I relate to her sassy, bold ways and much more in a previous post so I won’t get into this too much, but suffice it to say that I’ve read this book multiple times and find it’s a great escape. 

The CrossFire series is another chick lit book that I have kept on my shelves for a time I want to dive back into that world! Maybe tomorrow is that day. 

Other worlds

By other worlds I mean those books that build other worlds from the ground up, allowing me to totally leave this one, in favor of another. Prime example, and the one that I revisit most often, Harry Potter. The Wizarding World is a wonderful place to be, at least the earlier books, when I don’t want to be in this one. The angsty later books are great ones to feed those dark areas of my soul too, so it’s an equal opportunity. 

I was very intrigued by the world created by Susanna Clarke.

I’d also like to say that the Game of Thrones series fit into this category, but in a different way. I’ve not read all of the Game of Thrones books previously, but I find that I can revisit the world I fell in love with in the beginning of the HBO series, but popping in to read one of the books. 

Honorably mention to books that I’ve recently read that I would also consider revisiting, specifically Piranesi and Midnight Circus, their whimsical worlds are ones that I would go back if only to pick up on the things that I hadn’t the first time, but also because parts of them are looking gosh darn appealing at this point. 

Please let me know what books you’ll consider escaping into in the comments!

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