Favorite fiction reads of the pandemic

Books read
Favorite fiction books so far! Can’t wait to add more to the list.

Since I’ve been raving lately about the awesome personal development books I’ve read over the last few months, I wanted to also talk about some truly awesome fiction reads I’ve consumed in this time period. Let me know what you think about any of these reads in the comments!

One of Us is Lying

I switched things up and listened to a fiction book on my walks as opposed to a nonfiction book. This doesn’t happen very often and when I do, I rarely finish the book, but this one kept me so enraptured that I not only completed it, but I opted to listen to it instead of watching tv or reading something else in my downtime at home. I loved these characters, especially because they were thrown into hot water right off the bat. I thoroughly enjoyed how different actors read different chapters in the audiobook, adding another very dynamic level to this book. It also kept me guessing. Definitely would recommend picking this up.

One Year of Ugly

I was not sure what I was getting into with this book, but I was enraptured from the jump. It helps that the opening scene of this book is a family barbecue, that is interrupted by a man holding a gun and threatening the entire family should they not pay back the debt of the narrator’s dearly departed aunt. So, reasonably, who wouldn’t be sucked in by that. I liked that I learned about another culture in reading it, more than one really because the family are Venezulan while the book takes place in Tripoli. It was dramatic and the right blend of edge-of-your-seat scenes mixed with mundane details. I hope to read more about this culture moving forward. 

I so love when I can unexpectedly step into another land.

Time’s Convert

Deborah Harkness dusts off her characters from A Discovery of Witches trilogy and brings us more about what happens to the Bishop-DeClarmont clan after the third book in the series. It also grants more depth to the character of Marcus, who was an American and was killed in the Revolutionary War, so it was a nice bit of historical fiction as well. I especially liked the timely tie in of the smallpox virus ravaging the continental army. Revisiting old worlds that our authors have created is always fun and I greatly appreciate that this book came out and was available for me to read (and pass on from there) to visit. 

No matter how busy you may be, with work or your Netflix schedule, you’re never too busy to read a good book. Please share some of your faves when you are able!

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