Cleaning out my bookshelves

Books read
I donated a whole bunch of books recently! Super proud of myself.

I’ve found that in the era of COVID-19, a lot of us are cleaning out closets and spaces. I’ve seen thrift stores packed with donations. Perhaps it’s because we were/are spending more time at home and have the time to tackle these projects or just need to make room in the house for those things we’ve typically left for, such as work and the gym. For me, organizing and decluttering comes out of anxiety. It eases those hyperactive muscles that tell me something else needs to get done when I’m feeling uncomfortable in my body to look at a project that I’ve recently tackled and see it with clean lines and everything in a place. (I know, I’m nutty.) 

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Escape quarantine with a book

Finding time to write, as you might notice, is missing from this list. I hope to find time to add it back sometime soon.

Life has been a little rough lately. I know that I’m not alone in this, amid week 1,000 of quarantine and a lot of uncertainty as to what the future will look like and when — it’s exhausting. I’ve, personally found that I’ve been in need of more down time and sleep to cope. Below I’ll list out a few of the things that I’ve found helpful. Please share yours too in the comments. 

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