2018 in books

Reflection and resolutions, that’s what this time of year is all about. And they’re great, but they can be uncomfortable as you force yourself to perhaps look at your shortcomings and set goals to push yourself out of your comfort zone. But, there is one kind of reflection that’s awesome every time: Reviewing the books you read this year! 

By My Pen: Reading
By My Pen: Reading

Going through the list, I will remember the beaches I read on, the days I spent on my couch forsaking all obligations and, best of all, the wealth of adventures on which I accompanied these characters! It’s awesome, and, this year, I’m taking you with me on my walk down memory lane. (Shout out to Goodreads for keeping this all organized for me.) 

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Mapping out your passions: 2019

IMG_5255The best thing happened…I got my new planner for 2019. I fully acknowledge and admit to being a total dork that I’m so excited about such a trivial thing, but nonetheless, it’s who I am. I use a Passion Planner, which is something that we discussed in a previous post about time blocking. It has been truly instrumental in aiding me to execute and make strides towards accomplishing my dreams, instead of keeping them in my head. How does it do this? Well, that’s called a Passion Map! Read More »

Sept. 11, 2001

Kids have great intuition, or at least this is something that I read and had experienced in my childhood. (Perhaps it’s also that adults are not as good at faking their emotions as they think they are — food for thought.) But, you could feel something was amiss amid the seventh-grade classrooms I inhabited that day. The smell of fresh pencils, new binders, and pre-teen anticipation were all in the air as the new year had barely started, and yet, here it was.Read More »