Reading: Solo or group activity?

Books read
I’m rethinking my stance on reading as solely an isolated activity

Recently, I was scrolling through Instagram and interacting with bookish hashtags and I came across a photo that showed a mom and her son reading together. The story I told myself about this photo is that they were in their living room, enjoying a cozy afternoon together, when this woman’s son, seeing his mom reading, decided that this is a good activity, made himself cozy and pulled up his own book. I commented on the photo #momgoals, because dear lord yes! 

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Itching to create

With any luck, and more than a little discipline, you’ll see more of these writing posts in the future!

Lately, I’ve gotten the itch — the itch to create something completely new from scratch that is. And, specifically, to do so via writing. Emotional issues, from personal drama to the pandemic, have kept me from getting this feeling in what feels like the last year. So, when I was taking a walk one beautiful morning and I felt like I needed to stop right there and put pen to paper I nearly did one of those jumping foot taps, which, by the way, I’ve never actually been able to pull off in real life. It was amazing and glorious and hasn’t left me since.

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