How to Snap Your Own, Professional Looking Headshot

For even the most inexperienced beginners

A guest post by YouTube creator, marketer and beauty expert Julia.

A decent-looking, professional headshot is something that we all need — whether it’s for your LinkedIn profile, budding blog or annual, solo Christmas card, that go-to photo puts a face to your name and is necessary to have if you want to be seen with any type of legitimacy. That being said, it is understandably difficult for many of us to snap a photo without our eyes shut, let alone to a take a headshot we’re proud and comfortable to share with the world.

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I will live by my pen


Baby Shannon
Likely the face of a girl who was just told she couldn’t read all day.

As an infant-like child, I tricked my mother into thinking I could read, having had “Cinderella” read to me so many times that I had memorized it. And thus, my obsession with the written word took form. As a teenager, my mother enlightened me that I couldn’t just write and read books all day, I had to make a living. (Harsh reality takes its toll.) Though I’m doing work I love that the ripe age of 28, writing has been my constant companion. When adulting hits heard, it’s my pen — or as a 21st-century woman, my laptop — that helps me work through the details of this crazy beautiful thing we call life. In this blog, I’ll endeavor to share with you my creative writing, tidbits I might come across as a journalist and, of course, writing that inspires me in others.


Sit back and I hope you enjoy the ride!