WIP: Sons 3

Work in progress are manuscripts and story lines I'm currently working on.
These are manuscripts and story lines I’m working on.

You all know the deal with these posts: Work in Progress, or WIP, posts are excerpts from open writing projects.  All writing is my own and in the rough draft phase. Take it (but don’t actually take it, copyright me and all that) for what it is!  

Previous excerpts from this story can be found here and here.

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How reading “Goodbye, Vitamin” resonated with me

Books read
“Goodby, Vitamin” is my sixth book to my goal of 48 completed books for 2019.

I recently finished the book Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong, which surprised me! I grabbed this book off my shelf with the expectation that I would be reading a short chick lit — which I was using as a pallet cleanser between Text Me When You Get Home and The Dreamers — about a girl getting over a relationship. And that is what I got, but here’s where I encountered a whole other level of the book: Ruth’s father is living with Alzheimer’s.

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Book reviews: The remix

Alright guys, I’m going to change things up a little bit in moving forward with book reviews. As opposed to providing a 2-minute book review of each book I have read in a period of time, I’m going to provide a 2-minute overview on video of the books I read. If any of them strike your fancy, then you can go to blog posts, like this one, where I’ll provide a more thorough review in text. Sound good? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Books up this time around: Becoming, The Perfect Nanny, A Clash of Kings and Manage Your Day-to-Day. I hope you enjoy.

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