Top 5: Travel, thrillers and Voltaire

Tina Travel

As a travel blogger, I write about my adventures near and far. I also like to read books with a travel or adventure related theme. I even use books as part of my research since sometimes, a place I’m visiting, or will be writing a post about, won’t have a lot of information available. When that happens (and even when it doesn’t) I turn to books to fill in the information gaps — books, by authors who are either native to a place or have spent a lot of time in a place. While these types of books probably won’t offer suggestions about where to stay or what to do, they do offer a unique and nuanced insight into a culture that may not be obvious in a guidebook.Read More »

Top 3: Autobiography, anger and activism from Victoria Ellyse

Season's Greetings Classic Simple PostcardHello fellow readers! Before I get into my end-of-year book recommendations, I wanted to thank Shannon for letting me add in my two cents. For those who don’t know me, my name is Victoria and I’m the human behind Victoria Ellyse. Like, By My Pen, my blog is a place where I talk about everything and truly I mean everything. I used to segment it and try to only talk about food, or beauty, or politics but then I realized that life isn’t segmented. I couldn’t really carve out a niche because I wanted to talk about it all, so that’s what I did. I invite you to look out for my next post or follow the blog via Twitter or Instagram for my latest updates. Read More »