Confronting my fears: Getting out in front of the camera

I’m sure my fellow writers can sympathize with this feeling, that my place is behind the written word, not in front of it. Which is why it was hard for me to 1. pull the trigger on video book reviews and why it is hard for me to 2. keep it consistent.

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How to Snap Your Own, Professional Looking Headshot

For even the most inexperienced beginners

A guest post by YouTube creator, marketer and beauty expert Julia.

A decent-looking, professional headshot is something that we all need — whether it’s for your LinkedIn profile, budding blog or annual, solo Christmas card, that go-to photo puts a face to your name and is necessary to have if you want to be seen with any type of legitimacy. That being said, it is understandably difficult for many of us to snap a photo without our eyes shut, let alone to a take a headshot we’re proud and comfortable to share with the world.

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Top 5: School favorites, running and tear jerkers

Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I blog about running, travel, food and books, among other things, at  I’ve loved reading and writing pretty much ever since I could remember. From a very young age, I was the girl who felt like I was returning home each time I stepped foot in the library. I couldn’t wait to browse the shelves and find a new book to jump into. I tend to gravitate toward fiction, but other than that I don’t feel like I have a certain “book type” that takes over the majority of my reading. If the writing is good and the story is compelling, I’ll read just about anything. It was pretty hard to narrow the list of books I’ve read in 29 years of life down to just five all-time favorites. But I did it, and I’m pretty confident that the following five have solid spots at the top of my list.

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