Bookish gift guide — last minute ideas

Holidays = great time to curl up with a book

I did this one year and I think it’s a great time to revisit because 1. I have time and 2. Give the people what they want (and by people I mean me). As I’m going through and considering some of the presents I would love to receive this holiday season, I’m placing them here as well. Here they are! 

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It’s that time of year…NYT book list season

Books read
So excited for the New York Times top 10 on Monday. But, in the meantime, a list of 100 books from the year.

Welcome one and all to the list that makes me gush, rush to multiple bookstores and publish Amazon lists in the hopes that one or two of the people who would like to purchase me Christmas gifts will take a peep at the list and purchase me one of these gems. I also LOVE the satisfaction of going through the list and seeing which books I’ve already read. OK, so I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

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