Go ahead, add fuel to my fire

On writing
Get the last word, in print.

One of my all time favorite sayings/threats: Don’t f*** with a writer, she will get the final word — in print. It’s a powerful statement and maybe an actual threat, but it’s a good reminder that the things you do and say do not stay in one moment. They, at the very least, will be pulled apart, analyzed and, likely, morphed within the minds of whomever took your words or actions in. And, beyond that, they could be used as inspiration for people’s art. Other writers have had similar, but perhaps less crude, sayings. Case in point Nora Ephron’s “Everything is copy.”

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Too big to fail

Do you have characters or plot lines that are too big to fail?

I’m not going to lie, I was supposed to write this earlier today, but I’m glad I didn’t. I was sidetracked in some personal drama that brought up the phrase too big to fail. No, I’m not talking about bailing out Wall Street banks, though I think the movie was excellent. But, think about the phrase “too big to fail.” I’ve been meditating on it all day.

What can be too big to fail? Countries? Certainly. Companies, certainly not. Humans? Relationships?

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THE Christmas Movie Marathon List

Baking christmas cookies
Rocking the cookie baking lifestyle with my on point apron. Being baked: Cake cookies

OK, so I’m putting this out in December because it’s going to take a while and dedicated amounts of your time for you to properly view all of the movies on this list. I myself sit down with a calendar and make a rough outline of those movies I am going to watch and when. And some time slots that never change: Christmas Eve is Polar Express. Christmas Day is a reviewing of the Muppets Christmas because only one viewing is just not enough! I’ll watch them with my full attention to them or have them on the background while decorating or baking cookies. While you don’t have to get quite as neurotic as I do with the Christmas movie marathon, I do encourage starting early. Read More »