THE Christmas Movie Marathon List

Baking christmas cookies
Rocking the cookie baking lifestyle with my on point apron. Being baked: Cake cookies

OK, so I’m putting this out in December because it’s going to take a while and dedicated amounts of your time for you to properly view all of the movies on this list. I myself sit down with a calendar and make a rough outline of those movies I am going to watch and when. And some time slots that never change: Christmas Eve is Polar Express. Christmas Day is a reviewing of the Muppets Christmas because only one viewing is just not enough! I’ll watch them with my full attention to them or have them on the background while decorating or baking cookies. While you don’t have to get quite as neurotic as I do with the Christmas movie marathon, I do encourage starting early. Read More »


Mapping out your passions: 2019

IMG_5255The best thing happened…I got my new planner for 2019. I fully acknowledge and admit to being a total dork that I’m so excited about such a trivial thing, but nonetheless, it’s who I am. I use a Passion Planner, which is something that we discussed in a previous post about time blocking. It has been truly instrumental in aiding me to execute and make strides towards accomplishing my dreams, instead of keeping them in my head. How does it do this? Well, that’s called a Passion Map! Read More »

Set the scene: Election day edition

Copy of Work in progress (1)We all learned this in elementary school, you have five senses: sight, smell, taste, feel and hear. In your writing, as you are building a scene and trying to get that reader into the moment, you want to appeal to all five of these senses whenever possible and in vivid detail. For example, don’t just tell me that the strawberry tasted sweet, tell me that biting into the strawberry was like an explosion of flavor, causing you to salivate and want more!

As it’s election day here in Pennsylvania, I’m going to provide an example based on my experiences at the polls! (PSA: Get out and vote!) Bonus: This gives me an excuse to repurpose the annual election day selfie I’m always good for.

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