Find the time for what you love

You make time for what you think is valuable.

Throughout the incarnation of this blog, I’ve written at various points about finding the time to write. As a person who writes for a living, I know that there is a strong correlation between my productivity and the amount of time my ass spends in the seat! However, writing creatively vs writing to get paid is a bit more complicated.

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Mapping out your passions: 2019

IMG_5255The best thing happened…I got my new planner for 2019. I fully acknowledge and admit to being a total dork that I’m so excited about such a trivial thing, but nonetheless, it’s who I am. I use a Passion Planner, which is something that we discussed in a previous post about time blocking. It has been truly instrumental in aiding me to execute and make strides towards accomplishing my dreams, instead of keeping them in my head. How does it do this? Well, that’s called a Passion Map! Read More »