Mapping out your passions: 2019

IMG_5255The best thing happened…I got my new planner for 2019. I fully acknowledge and admit to being a total dork that I’m so excited about such a trivial thing, but nonetheless, it’s who I am. I use a Passion Planner, which is something that we discussed in a previous post about time blocking. It has been truly instrumental in aiding me to execute and make strides towards accomplishing my dreams, instead of keeping them in my head. How does it do this? Well, that’s called a Passion Map! Read More »

Creating habits and #Write30 June analysis

June By the NumbersI’m just going to say it right off the bat, creating habits is hard! There are so many forces engrained habits working against you, that it’s a process. OK, now that I’ve begun this by making excuses for myself, here’s the good news: I doubled my May writing days in June. OK, now that we’ve got the silver lining, here’s the cloud, it’s only five days out of the 30 available to me in June. As I said, it’s a process.

OK, so here’s the recap, about a year ago my friend Tiffany and I challenged ourselves to write for 90 days straight and termed it #Write90. It did not turn out so well, but it did make me very aware that in order to reach my goal of being a published author, I need to write as much as possible. To do so: I need to create the habit. So, I rebooted this into an all-around effort to write more, which I refer to as #Write30 (yes, I’m aware some months have 31 days, but you get the drift) and hold myself accountable by recapping the days in which I wrote and number of words each month in a recap post for you. Read More »