#Write30 May analysis

May By the NumbersMy birthday month is over! It’s such a drag and, quite frankly, I have been denying it for about the last week. (This is my piss poor excuse for missing last Tuesday’s post date. For those of you anxiously waiting by your inbox or social feeds, I apologize.)

We’re kicking off this June with a post evaluating my inadequacies my habit-building efforts to write every day for 30 days. Spoiler alert: The results are underwhelming.Read More »

Let’s try this again: #Write30

Copy of Work in progressAlright, ladies and gents! As you may recall, this blog’s incarnation was based on a simple challenge among friends. Well, the amazing Tiffany and I have decided — once again — following our first, let’s call it, learning experience, to challenge ourselves to write every day for 30 days. The idea behind this is to master our craft by creating a habit. As you may have noticed from the hashtag, we have altered the game to make it a little bit more manageable this time around. (Refer back to the original #Write90 post for the “rules.”) We begin today, April 1.Read More »