Work in Progress: The Phone Call 3

Work in progressWork in Progress, or WIP, posts are excerpts from open writing projects.  All writing is my own and in the rough draft phase. Take it (but don’t actually take it, copyright me and all that) for what it is! 

For more on The Phone Call see previous posts 1 and 2. I have been working on this piece a lot recently and will talk about it more in an upcoming post as it’s not unfolding as I wish it would. But here is an excerpt from a recent sitting!

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Reading for good writing

Copy of Work in progress (1)An editor of mine once told me that you cannot write well if you don’t read. This tidbit of information is echoed in quotes attributed to great writers as well, so it must be true. In fact, I have found it to be true in my day-to-day life. As a journalist, reading the paper or the magazine in which I edit creates an intuitive voice and style that I reach for when writing and editing for that publication. And through reading great works of fiction, I’ll be better capable and able to write good fiction.

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Sept. 11, 2001

Kids have great intuition, or at least this is something that I read and had experienced in my childhood. (Perhaps it’s also that adults are not as good at faking their emotions as they think they are — food for thought.) But, you could feel something was amiss amid the seventh-grade classrooms I inhabited that day. The smell of fresh pencils, new binders, and pre-teen anticipation were all in the air as the new year had barely started, and yet, here it was.Read More »