Find yourself a champion

I get the compulsion not to share your dreams with others. When you do, they become real. When you do, you could let someone down other than you. But you know what saying your dreams out loud also does? It makes your dream real? It’s part of the way there to making the dream a goal. And that’s why this week’s writing tip I want to talk about finding yourself a champion(s).

This year, I have been talking about my goal of finishing a manuscript within the calendar year to two very good friends of mine. It felt great to tell them this not-very-well-kept secret (given that I’m discussing it on a blog), but I don’t typically talk about it every day. But, as I was re-aligning my priorities this year one of the action items that came to me is that I should be talking about this. It is, after all, what’s going on with me. So, I’ve made a concerted effort to include it in “what’s going on?” of various catch-up scenarios.

The gift that keeps on giving

My friend Tiffany responded in amazing fashion by giving me a gift that I have revisited in as many months as we have completed in this year: an author’s workshop serendipitously called The Year of the Book by Hannah Brencher. (Hello boss ladies and gentlemen who I met there if you’re reading this!) I can’t tell you how grateful I was to see Tiffany’s script, explaining that she’d gifted me a seat to this semniar! Talk about an investment in my dreams.

I sent Tiffany a text as soon as the live round of the workshop was over to tell her I was so shook by the fact that I had everything I needed to make this dream a reality that I needed to lie down after, just to come to terms with the fact that I’ll be achieving my greatest dream. It was mind-blowing.

I was so shook by the fact that I had everything I needed to make this dream a reality…

Get by with a little help

My friend Kyle looked me in the eye to discuss my book writing when I was recently in his house, hitting a nerve as I had been avoiding my writing time. Lending me some of his confidence in me, I felt emboldened that week to get back on the grind. I churned out a dozen pages and when he checked in with me later to ask how many, I was able to give him a significant result.

This simple investment of his time, made all the more significant when you are told he has two kids under 2 years old right now, meant the world to me and really stoked the flames set by my January seminar.

Trudge on, my friend

I’m so happy that I decided to talk about this deeply awesome, personal goal. Even though I’m the one who is putting in the work, it’s solely me who succeeds or fails, I feel like I’ve got my besties by my side as I trudge onward. And believe you me sometimes it is indeed a trudge to this keyboard.

What about you? How do your friends help hold you accountable to yourself?


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