2020 book goal

Books read

Hi friends! It’s been a while and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, it’s time to set a book goal for 2020! In order to set my book goal for 2020, I want to look back on my goal for 2019 and see how I did and where I can improve. Join me?

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Finding the time to read

I get this question a lot as I’m talking about how long it might have taken me to read a book, which, in my opinion, is the true mark of a good book, or when I’m discussing the books that I’ve read. One of my co-workers said to me something similar to: “I don’t know where you find the time! You’re in to so many things.” Well, yes, I am into so many things, but there is so much time available to you if you’d like to read. Here, I’ll prove it to you.

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A Moment in Time: Bok Rooftop Yoga

She apprehensively pulled up to a parking space on the city street, because, it can’t be this easy. She hesitates, then turns off her car and hops out to look at the street signs. Perfectly legal to park, she found, and if the signs didn’t reassure her, the mob mentality of the five cars that pulled in right behind her did. She chuckled to herself watching several yogis exit their cars with their yoga mats and head in to the former school.

Yup, I’m in the right place, she thought to herself.

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