Check in on your local bookstore

Books read
These business provide books to you in your time of need. Ensure you’re there for them.

As many businesses have been shut down amid the pandemic, many of us are checking in on friends and loved ones. If you have not already, please add your local bookstore to this list. After all, your bookstore is certainly there for you when times are tough, and, I believe, it’s all booklovers obligations to be there for our bookstores when times are tough for them. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed indie bookstores doing amid the pandemic. 

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Escape quarantine with a book

Finding time to write, as you might notice, is missing from this list. I hope to find time to add it back sometime soon.

Life has been a little rough lately. I know that I’m not alone in this, amid week 1,000 of quarantine and a lot of uncertainty as to what the future will look like and when — it’s exhausting. I’ve, personally found that I’ve been in need of more down time and sleep to cope. Below I’ll list out a few of the things that I’ve found helpful. Please share yours too in the comments. 

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