Confronting my fears: Getting out in front of the camera

I’m sure my fellow writers can sympathize with this feeling, that my place is behind the written word, not in front of it. Which is why it was hard for me to 1. pull the trigger on video book reviews and why it is hard for me to 2. keep it consistent.

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Book reviews: A few broken girls, some vitamins, some dreamers and many friends

Books read
How are you doing with your reading goals for 2019?

Welcome to book reviews, the remix! It seems like you guys didn’t mind my on-air appearance running down all the books in one video, so we’ll go with that! I have been negligent in posting a book reviews post in March, hence why it looks like I read many more books than I in fact did in the month!

Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of each of this books as well as how you’re doing on your book goals for 2019! I am at 11 of 48 books, so, off pace, but gaining steam!

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