Books for Mother’s Day

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Is there a better Mother’s Day present?

If it wasn’t already on your radar, here’s your warning that the Hallmark holiday we’re all obligated to celebrate because a very special woman gave birth to us — is Sunday. Yes, Sunday. But, no worries, the perfect gift is one Amazon Prime or Barnes and Noble/independent bookstore run away.

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Life as a writer: Noticing the details

Life as a writer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (If you’ve seen the memes you know this.) There’s the agony of having stories inside of you and the inability to get them out of you fast enough. There’s the questioning of a blank page as it stares up at you, daring you to actually fill it with your own thoughts and words. There’s the procrastination as you do everything else on the planet other than sit down and write. These are all familiar and well documented. However, I want to notes another effect of living this writer lifestyle: Taking in the details.

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