2020 Quarter 1 Book Recap

Books read
2020 is already 14 weeks in. How are you doing at accomplishing your goal?

Let’s take a minute to check in on our book goals and adjust where needed! Also, I love to take this opportunity to provide a book list, those that I have completed in the first quarter of 2020, because who doesn’t love a good book list. 

2020 Goal

I have a 2020 book goal of reading 48 books. We are 14 weeks in to 2020, at the time of writing this, and I have completed 9 books, which puts me at about 3 books behind schedule to meet my goal. 

I’ve already started to make adjustments for this. Specifically, less binge watching. I know it’s a perfectly winter thing to snuggle in and watch hours of television and I appreciate that activity on some days. But, for the most part, I feel unaccomplished when that happens and I’m encouraging myself to switch gears and read more in those times when I automatically reach to watching the television.

2020 book list so far

So, on to the fun part, what books have I read, in reverse order: 

AND, I just realized I don’t believe any of this books are on the New York Times top 10. I’m going to have to step up my game.

So, how are you doing in accomplishing your book goals? 

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